• Model : CR3240

    specifications : 12.7mm*6M

    Compatible Model : STAR CR3200/3240/3240II STAR LC24-10/2415/15/20/200/7211 STAR XB24-10/15/20/25/200/250/1000/1020/1500/2415/2415II STAR NX600/650/350/100/1500/2400/2410/2415/2415II/2420/2430/2480 STAR XR1000/1020/1500/1520. STAR LZ9/LZ24HD/LX9/LZ9HD STAR LC15/VS-16 STAR ZA250/200 STAR AR970T/450N/5400/5400+/6400/2400/3200/3200+/3200II/2470 STAR LQ6900/LQ6900K

  • Model : NX-500

    specifications : 12.7mm*14M

    Compatible Model : STAR NX500 BP650 580 500F 780

  • Model : NX-200

    specifications : 12.7mm*14M

    Compatible Model : nx200/nx400/nx-410

  • Model : SP200

    specifications : 12.7mm*3.5M

    Compatible Model : DATA MEGA SP216 STAR SP200/212FC/212FD/242/298/542/512MC/512MD/500/800/2000/2520/2320 STAR SP 246-2COLOR/216-2COLOR/2360-2COLOR/2560-2COLOR STAR MP100/200/212/216/221/231/232/235/236/242/246/292/512 RC200B/RC200P/RC200 BRHYPERCOM P8/T77 CREDIT CARD PRINTER STAR SCP700 SLIP PTR CITIZEN CBM-820/IR82 CASIO SP1300

  • Model : SP700

    specifications : 12.7mm*4.5M

    Compatible Model : STAR SP700 RC700B 30980730 SP712 SP742 INK Ribbon For Receipt Printer

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