• Model : OKI5320

    specifications : 8mm*1.8M

    Compatible Model : OKIDATA ML120/172/180/182/183/184/192/193/194/195/240/280/320/321/380/388/390/391/3320/3321/5320/5330/8320/8330/420/421 OKIDATA OKIMATE 120 OKIDATA 5320/5330/8320/8330 RADIO SHACK DMP2101/2103/300/302/442/2102 OKIDATA OKIPOS 425S/425D/SERIES 50/SERIES 90 NTS 830/835/830E/835E TEXAS INSTRUMENTS OMNI 800 MODEL 830/830E/835/835E UNISYS AP1337/AP1339/UDS-1320/UDS-321 BREN 8320/8321 GENICOM 930/935 ITHACA PERIPHERALS PCOS 100/150/151/152/153/154/200/250/50/51/52/53/61/62/63/64/70/71/72/75/76/92/93/94/ ITHACA PERIPHERALS PCOS 54plus/90plus/61slip/90plus/91receipt ITHACA PERIPHERALS PCOS 62slip/receipt ITHACA PERIPHERALS PCOS 63slip/receipt ITHACA PERIPHERALS PCOS 64slip/journal ITHACA PERIPHERALS SERIES 50/60/70/90

  • Model : OKI6100/6300F

    specifications : 12.7mm*18M

    Compatible Model : OKI ML6100F/ML6300F,OKI ML760F/ML7100F

  • Model : OKI8450

    specifications : 12.7mm*18M

    Compatible Model : OKI8450 ML8450CL OKI8760 8430 8470 DP8760SC

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